• Frequently Asked Questions: for Coffee Lovers

    How are shipping and handling fees calculated?

    * Shipping fees are currently $5.25 for the base shipping then additional shipping costs are per weight. Your coffee is shipped priority mail, your coffee is packaged the day your order is received through the website and sent to you the same day as long it is within the hours of 8am to 5pm. You will receive an email on status of you shipment.

    * International shipping is not currently available.

    * On orders of $ 45 or more use coupon over45 once you checkout the shipping charge will be vacated.

    How do I pay on line? Do you accept PayPal?

    * All major credit cards are accepted. I currently do not accept PayPal.

    Do you offer volume discounts?

    * Currently the online store does not discount an order based on quantity ordered.

    What if I need more than 10 lbs, or more, of a particular coffee?

    * If you intend on purchasing bulk quantities of coffee, please figure the current price. We may need some additional time to make sure we have it in stock.

    What type of coffee is available?

    * We currently are carrying a wide selection of flavored coffees. In addition, we carry a medium roast (Morning Café) and French Roast (Grebe's Dark Roast) that are excellent Columbian Coffee in addition to Expresso Dark. The coffee can be sold to the consumer in whole bean or ground which ever you prefer. Our grinds work well in a French press.

    How long will my coffee be good for, and how should I store it?

    * We suggest enjoying your coffee as soon as possible. We suggest using it one year of purchase. We also recommend purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding as needed, just before brewing. This will also provide the freshest possible cup.*Once your coffee has been opened, it is best to store in an air-tight container at room temperature. There are no benefits to placing your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. In fact, this practice probably will detract from the flavor of the coffee, since it may take on the other aromas and moisture present in the refrigerator or freezer.

    Do you accept returns, exchanged and cancellations?

    * We do not accept returns or exchanges once the coffee is shipped. You may cancel your order prior to shipment. If there is something wrong with your order, please contact me within 3 business days and I will see how I can help you with your purchase.

    How can I tell if an order has been submitted successfully?

    * Once an order has been submitted successfully, you will see a confirmation screen with the order number. You will also receive an email confirmation of your order. If you are still not sure, please contact Grebe’s Premium Blends through our email: lgrebe31@earthink.net. An email will be returned to you within one working day to assist you further.

    How do I make changes to/or cancel an order after it has been submitted?

    * Please e-mail us immediately and include your name, order number and telephone number. If the order has not already been processed for shipping, we will gladly make the change.

    How do I order the random selection trio?

    * Easiest option, in the notes section of your order, write your selection of coffees it can be any of the coffees we have in stock on the website or you can email me at: lgrebe31@earthlink.net.

    How are the coffee beans flavored?

    * Flavored Coffee starts with a quality roasted bean which then gets coated with a superior flavor and held for precise time so the beans can absorb the flavor's essence.


    * Once you purchase items on our website, Missouri requires a 5.85% food sales tax, which will be added to your purchase at the time of checkout.